Friday, October 2, 2009

Toys or art?

A local children's boutique Hopscotch has been carrying my toys . They sent me an email inviting me to attend a evening open house. This event was in coordination with several other stores on that street. There would be free food and a lot of the local art would be showcased.
I thought it sounded interesting and decided to check it out. When I got there it turns out the event involved showcasing the work of 30 local "Artists" throughout the various stores. Visitors to the shops were encouraged to see visit all the shops by getting their fliers signed by as many "Artists" as possible. I was one of the artists :)

The owners of Hopscotch had set up a wonderful display of my toys right in the front of the store. I am so appreciative of their promotion of the toys.

I had never really considered the toys to be art before, at least not to that degree. But it was fun. I suppose if paint dribbled on a canvas can be worth millions my hand drawn and hand cut toys can be considered art as well.

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Playmobil African Wild Life said...

I think they are both toys and art. They are so fun and safe to play with. So creative and wonderful design. They can also be a good display at home, because of artistic impact to the eye.