Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finding the toys on the internet

  Until recently my toys were available online only on Etsy at 
The first new thing is that it is no longer necessary to remember the etsy part of the address. I acquired the domain name and have directed it to my etsy store. Now it is easy to remember. And easier to tell others

   I have also placed my toys on a few new venues.  Artfire and 1000markets are two smaller but somewhat similar venues for handmade goods.  For now the largest selection of my toys is still found on Etsy. If I ever determine that one of those venues is better I will direct traffic from  there.  The toys are priced the same on all the shops. Artfire charges me the least comission so if the item you want is there already please buy from there. However in order to increase my number of listing there I have to pay a monthly fee and I am watching to see how much traffic that site generates to determine it if is worth it.

  For now I thought I would share the links to those new shops in case you prefer those venues, and to give you something to do in case you were board.


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Playmobil Rescue said...

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