Thursday, September 9, 2010

Noah's Ark

       My sister in law gave me the idea for a doll house style ark that would allow kids to reach in through the sides to place and play with the animals inside. I just recently made it a reality. It is now available  for sale in my shop here.

 As aways it has a rhyme:
The most famous story about animals is Noah's Ark
With this handmade set your kids will soon embark

on an imaginary journey to that time and place
where Noah built an Ark in spite of much disgrace

He built it not in water, but out upon a plain.
People watched and laughed until they felt the rain.

God filled the ark with critters like only he could do.
They walked right through the door arriving two by two.

This set will arrive with Noah and his wife
also 6 pairs of animals to refill the globe with life

A raven and a dove will also come along.
And of course the Ark in which they all belong