Friday, August 21, 2009

New toy families

I have had some fun new toys lately, thanks to some custom orders. Here are a few of my most recent additions. As always if you want to see additional pictures or to buy anything visit Dadswoodentoys shop . This family of cats came as a request from a buyer and I like the idea so I am now offering it.
A customer who obviously had a soft spot for great danes ordered this dog. I would love to make more for anyone who is interested.I have been considering a crocodile / alligator for some time. Now I have one. My dilema is should it be in the American animals section or the african section of my shop? Of course both places have them. If you have an opinion post a comment.

This cell phone has been a hit with my kids. They each have one and Jazmin and Gabe have both colored theirs. Benji our one year old even likes to find it and pretend to make phone calls

My kid's favorite game is imitation
because of their limitless imagination
When I use my phone to speak with a friend
my kids want my phone, and then “oops” they push send
My contact list would get calls day and night
this was a problem, it just wasn't right.
So I made these phones for my little guys
solving this problem made me feel wise
Now if you have someone whose nagging won't end
to pick up your phone and eventually press send
buy them this phone, because it is wood
I guarantee the calls made will all be good.