Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nativity Sets

To honor the birth of our Lord
I made this nativity of maple board

I made it to be intricate
Yet not to be too delicate

It looks refined as a display
But it won't dent if the kids play

I recall a set my mother had
Putting it out made her so glad

But my siblings and my self
Just could not leave it on the shelf

Each year we broke another part
But that need not be with this fine art

Made of gorgeous natural wood
It's hard to break but still looks good

There are no chemicals paints or dyes
Just beauty of wood with no disguise

This work of art is all hand made
Six times thicker than laser cut grade

This means your set will last for years
A witness to the joy and tears

That come each Christmas to your home
A tiny token of Christ's Shalom

     I am offering several different sized Nativity scenes to fit any budget. Go to my Etsy shop to see them. 
And don't forget about the Curly Maple I still have some available but it is going fast.  It makes a beautiful nativity Scene.