Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A wooden Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!  1 year ago in the beginning of December I first put my toys online. I have been impressed with the results it has become a full grown hobby, even a regular part of my day. It began when I made toys for just our kids, then for our friends. Now I regularly ship toys to  foreign countries like Canada, Australia, England, Singapore, to name a few. What an amazing tool the internet is. According to my the analytics site since December 1st three weeks ago I have had over 5,500 visits to my site from 67 different countries.

This year  my most popular item by far has been this toy phone.

    The phone has been featured on various blogs, and promotional emails.  As a result it has outsold everything else hands down.
    For a few days during the peak of christmas shopping it looked like Santa's workshop around here. There were  toys in all stages of production and packages by the dozens destined to bring smiles to little faces literally all around the world. I had several late nights in a row but it was a lot of fun.
   Thank you to every one who bought from Dads Wooden Toys and to those who told others. Together we will bring a lot smiles on Christmas morning.

And remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season !