Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Peter and the Wolf brings generations of fun.

        There is something extra fun about watching your kids enjoy or discover something that you can remember enjoying as a kid.  The classic story of Peter and the Wolf accompanied by the musical arrangement is one of those pleasures I enjoyed passing on to my kids.
            I remember playing the little record on a little record player, and listening to the classical music and the narrator describing the wolf as the sound of the horns made an ominous melody.  When I hear the music half of my imagination recreates the story, the other half remembers how it felt to be a kid listening to that story 25 years ago. 

       Whether you remember the story from your own childhood or if you are hearing of it for the first time. I encourage you to gather your kids around the computer and click here for an audio stream of the story and music.

        At our house I gave my kids these wooden figures and they act out the  story as we listen along.  You will find the set of figurines here in my shop.