Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dragons, everywhere, even my workshop.

The minds of children are always teaming
with dragons and magic constantly dreaming

Dragons are currently very much "in"
if you haven't noticed, where have you been?

These wooden toys will keep up with the fad
but without chemicals that could be bad

How do I know that these toys are so good?
Because, they are made of nothing but wood!

You'll get a rider complete with a sword
as well as a dragon each one once a board

but now they're crafted into a great toy
for someone imaginative, a girl or boy

If you would like one come buy it here
The kid in your life will surely cheer!


FairiesNest said...

Great dragons!

jabroon piece said...

wooden kitchen set
Amazing blog.A must have educational toy for kids.Kids something learning from these toys.i am so impressed.

Playmobil Rescue said...

I love dragons. I love seeing them in cartoons and even films. So, this toy makes me crave for it again. This time a wooden one. I can't imagine that a dragon can be carved in a wood and it has someone riding on it. It is a must have toy for a kid. Safe and fun playing.