Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People are spreading the word!

It has been only about 6 months since I started selling these toys online. We started with this blog and then quickly found Etsy which has been fantastic for helping people find the toys. A few of the people who bought the toys have mentioned them in their own blogs I even got mentioned by an apparently well known product critiquing site. So here are a few of the places that I am aware of that have shown my toys online.

The most traffic has come from this mention of my toys as a good alternative to the main stream toy that was being reviewed in this article at Zrecommends my toys are mentioned a little below the picture of the bunnies.

Happy Customer Blogs:

4 I don't know if the owner of this blog ever bought any toys but they took the time tell others.

5 This lady is starting a day care and bought several toys and then put us on her website as a recommended business

If you have a blog or facebook or any place you would like to mention Dad's Wooden Toys it would be greatly appreciated. I can send you fancy click to shop buttons to my etsy shop like the one on the side of this page if you ask. Or you can just send them to

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