Monday, February 16, 2009

A new kind of Toy

If your kids are at all like mine
they see you often while online

their favorite thing is immitation
with just a chair and imagination

they have a desk and make phone calls
no matter where the idea falls

So I made this wood computer
it was a "Hit" a perfect suitor

I kept it simple there are no keys
but you could paint them if you please

That is the rhyme I put up with my latest toy. So far I have sold only animals and people figures. Some time back I made the kids a laptop since they wanted one. I decided to see if anyone else might like one. It has been viewed more times in 3 days than most of my toys that have been up over a month! It appears that it is popular item, or perhaps people are just very curious to see what a wooden computer looks like. I haven't sold one yet but it as only been 3 days.

Let me know your thoughts.

Here is the link to the item on Etsy


Ebonie said...

Noah is so cute. What did you use for the screen?

Joshua VanderKlok said...

the screen is just a print out of my own computer screen taped in place.

I picked a screenshot of our family blog so the kids can see a picture of themselves on the computer.

Joshua VanderKlok said...

So the computer is still one of the most viewed toys I have but none have sold. I think it is fun to see a wooden computer but people would rather buy farm sets or wooden teethers. which is fine, I am learning what the public like to see nd likes to buy are not always the same thing.