Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to Dads Wooden Toys
I have play things for both g;rls and boys
I am glad you decided to stop
I hope that you stay here and shop
I believe imagination is good
that is why every thing here is all wood
Its natural and nontoxic you see
the way I think more things should be
no chemicals paints or dyes
just wood with out any disguise
My toys are simple yet real
they don't have a cartoony feel
The face on my cow and goat
aren't like anything Walt Disney wrote
my s are nature's design
I personally find them quite fine
So come take a look at my wood figure zoo
then buy some so you can have wood critters too.
If your favorite animal is not here
just tell me, and perhaps he'll appear
I hope you like what you find in my store
make me a favorite and come back for more.


I am married with 4 wonderful kids
On them I am not taking bids
I have 5 yr old, 4 month old and 3 yr old twins
each of them special no one of them wins
I want the best for them all
and that's how I started rolling this ball
The toys every where made noise and light
but I think the kids not the toys should be bright
So my wife and I were searching to find
toys that were natural and good for their mind
I decided I'ld just make some instead
Now you see where all of that led

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